Maximise space and minimise clutter with the best storage beds (2023)

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No matter how big our home is we can never have enough storage space – it is, after all, a precious commodity. So, when an opportunity comes to combine storage with a stylish new furniture piece, shrewd homemakers grab it.

Storage beds generally fall into two groups: those with generous under-bed drawers, and those with nifty lifting mechanisms, which allow the bed to open up, revealing a sizable void ready to be filled with extra bedding and all manner of clutter.

Purchasing a bed with concealed storage is a game of weighing up form and function. While some offer commodious spaces underneath the mattress, they can be on the bulky side.

Storage beds with feet elevate the frame to give the illusion of extra floor space but these designs often trade storage space for a slimmer silhouette. It is a matter of taste and of course, de-cluttering needs – exactly how deep are you drowning in last season’s winter coats?

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How we tested

We put a range of storage beds to the test, looking for quality of make, stylish design, storage capacity, a user-friendly mechanism and that all-important comfort factor. We were interested to see how a side-opening bed fared against an end-opening one, and whether those with underdrawers offered enough storage space to suit our needs.

The best storage beds for 2022 are:

  • Best overall – Happy Beds yorkie grey fabric ottoman bed: £584.99,
  • Best for maximising space –Eve the storage bed frame: From £1,049,
  • Best for glamour –Mirage storage bed: From £1,195,
  • Best stylish statement piece –Made cory double bed with storage drawers: £1,200,
  • Best for luxury –My Furniture Venus storage bed, chalk: From £949.99,
  • Best king size storage bed – Button & Sprung primrose king size ottoman: £1,445,
  • Best storage bed with drawers – Loaf tight space storage bed: £695,
  • Best side opening storage bed – Dreams wilson upholstered ottoman bed frame: £499,
  • Best divan storage bed – The Dormy House ottoman divan: £500,
  • Best Ikea storage bed – Ikea platsa bed frame with storage: £300,

Happy Beds yorkie grey fabric ottoman bed

  • Best: Overall
  • Available frame sizes: Double, king and super king
  • Storage type: Ottoman, opening from the foot end of the bed
  • Maximum mattress weight: 55kg
  • Fabric: N/A

What we loved most about the yorkie was its deceptive design. You wouldn’t think this one’s a storage bed thanks to its dark wood feet elevating the frame off the ground – the illusion of extra floor space makes a big difference. The bed opens up from the foot end with ease using gas-powered pistons and can reach a 45-degree angle to give you ample access to your stored bits and bobs. The bed is on the slimmer side, storage-wise, but we found it more than enough for our extra bedding and pillows. Upholstered in chic elephant grey, and with a plush, buttoned headboard, this is one smart, contemporary storage bed.

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(Video) 10 Small Space Ideas to Maximize Small Bedroom

Eve the storage bed frame

  • Best: For maximising space
  • Available frame sizes: Double, king and super king
  • Storage type: Ottoman, opening from the foot end of the bed
  • Maximum mattress weight: 220kg
  • Fabric: Woven polyester

Thanks to its clever design, Eve’s offering boasts a deceivingly spacious storage capacity. Here, a clean-lined silhouette is met with short solid ash legs, which lift the bed up just enough to counter the bulk. Yet, there’s room enough to store all our extra bedding and then some.

The bed opens up with ease at its foot via a piston-powered mechanism, while the beechwood slats can be adjusted with little sliders, or even rearranged to find the perfect tension and support to the body. We also loved that we could adjust each side separately to suit our individual sleep needs. Upholstered in a 100 per cent woven polyester fabric, and with rounded corners to avoid any knee bashing, it’s stylish, functional and thoughtfully designed.

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Mirage storage bed

  • Best: For glamour
  • Available frame sizes: Single, small double, double, continental double, king, continental king, super king and emperor
  • Storage type: Ottoman with choice of end or side opening mechanism
  • Maximum mattress weight: N/A
  • Fabric: Choice of fire retardant fabric or leather

As its name suggests, the Mirage is an optical illusion with its narrow body and slender gold-coloured legs. You wouldn’t think it’s a storage bed at all. But this one boasts an impressive 33cm of storage depth, which holds more stuff than you’d think. The bed opens up at the foot and offers great access, allowing us to properly get stuck in and organise – and to maximise on capacity. Scoring points on versatility, the Mirage comes in a variety of materials and finishes, as well as a choice of headboard designs. We loved the sumptuous Cleopatra with its fluted, geometric lines. This is a great choice if you want a bed with decent storage space but don’t want to compromise on style.

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Made cory double bed with storage drawers

  • Best: For a stylish statement piece
  • Available frame sizes: Double, king and super king
  • Storage type: Choose between ottoman with foot end access or drawer storage
  • Maximum mattress weight: 40kg
  • Fabric: 100% Polyester

The first thing that strikes you about this storage bed is its impressive headboard height. The cory is all about making a stylish statement in the master bedroom. But without legs, the bed sits low and therefore doesn’t take up too much wall space – a pleasing, playful design trick. In terms of storage, this one comes with a pull-out drawer at either side of the bed, which offers generous storage capacity and simply glides in and out without the faff of lifting the bed frame up and open. We found the drawers are a great touch to keep extra bedding and pillows close to hand. Choose wool, cotton or velvet upholstery fabrics in a range of colours from the neutral and earthy to the rich and jewel-hued.

(Video) INCREDIBLE Space Saving Furniture | Smart space saving furniture

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My Furniture Venus storage bed, chalk

  • Best: For luxury
  • Available frame sizes: King and super king
  • Storage type: Ottoman opening from the foot end of the bed
  • Maximum mattress weight: N/A
  • Fabric: Velvet

One for fine art lovers, this sculptural bed takes its design cue from Botticelli’s masterpiece, The Birth of Venus. Most obvious is the shaping of the scalloped wraparound headboard, which echoes that of the shell. But beyond that, the opulent colourway and rich tactile materials borrow from the famous painting, too. As practical as it is pretty, the bed opens up at the end with a simple gas lift mechanism to reveal oodles of storage space underneath. You won’t just fit bedding and coats here but the family’s suitcases, too. We loved the addition of the brushed steel base with its gleaming brass finish, which further adds to the luxurious look and feel.

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Button & Sprung Primrose king size ottoman

  • Best: King size storage bed
  • Available frame sizes: King and super king
  • Storage type: Ottoman opening from the foot end of the bed
  • Maximum mattress weight: N/A
  • Fabric: Choice of fabric including velvet, cotton and wool

This elegant and modern handcrafted bed frame has a completely clean silhouette, yet manages to maximise on storage space, thanks to its nifty design. The entire top of the bed lifts up easily by way of a fabric pull handle, revealing an impressive capacity underneath. We found it glides back down again, without the backache. The design allows for both easy access and oodles of functional storage space. We loved the classic curvy headboard and the comprehensive list of colour choices and textures – from brushed cotton to crushed velvet.

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Loaf tight space storage bed

  • Best: Storage bed with drawers
  • Available frame sizes: Single, double, king and super king
  • Storage type: Drawers
  • Maximum mattress weight: N/A
  • Fabric: Choice of 142 fabrics

This modern, upholstered bed features four discreet fabric covered drawers, which provide generous under storage without the need for any lifting. With separate drawer space, we liked that our stuff could be easily compartmentalised – as opposed to all thrown in together. The bed comes in four sizes, from single up to super king, and has a huge range of fabrics to choose from, alongside 17 headboards, winning points on versatility. Whichever you choose, this one’s as plush as it is practical.

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Dreams wilson upholstered ottoman bed frame

  • Best: Side opening storage bed
  • Available frame sizes: Single, small double, double and king
  • Storage type: Side opening ottoman
  • Maximum mattress weight: N/A
  • Fabric: N/A

With its scrolled head and foot end, this offering by Dreams features a cosy sleigh-like shaping, which can only be achieved in a storage bed if it opens up from the side – choose left or right when putting the bed together. This one’s available in three sizes, from a small double up to a king, and comes in a choice of three monochrome fabric finishes. While access to its storage space is limited compared to some of the others in our round-up, this bed is a no-brainer when it comes to furnishing a loft room with a slanted ceiling. Further to that, the wilson has impressive build quality for its affordable price.

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The Dormy House ottoman divan

  • Best: Divan storage bed
  • Available frame sizes: Single, small double, double, king and super king
  • Storage type: Ottoman opening from the foot end of the bed
  • Maximum mattress weight: N/A
  • Fabric: Choice of house fabrics or send in your own fabric

Making a feature out of its storage compartments, as opposed to hiding them, this stylish bed from The Dormy House has an innovative design. The ottoman divan is elevated with smart turned wooden legs and while the top of the bed lifts up in one piece, its storage space is divided into two. These are simply clipped together to create separate storage boxes underneath. This is another space-saving bed that allows for full customisation: choose from a range of fabrics and wood finishes for the legs. Headboards are sold separately so do factor that into your budget.

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Ikea platsa bed frame with storage

  • Best: Ikea storage bed
  • Available frame sizes: Double
  • Storage type: Shelves
  • Maximum mattress weight: N/A
  • Fabric: N/A

While most designs are concerned with hiding storage space, this contemporary bed frame from Ikea does the opposite and makes a feature of it. Made from a mix of particleboard and fibreboard, the flat-packed furniture piece is ideal for apartment-dwellers short on shelving: the bed utilises three sides for accessible storage and includes an integrated ottoman-style shelf to perch on at the foot of the bed. Adorn it with scatter cushions or a faux fur rug for the full effect. We loved this storage bed for its clever design. Practical, modern and affordable.

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