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washing machine
WM 5100 W
WM 5100 S

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Please read this manual first! Dear Customer, We hope that your product which has been manufactured in modern facilities and passed through a strict quality control procedure will give you the best results. Therefore, we advise you to read through this manual carefully before using your product and keep it for future reference. This operation manual will… …help you use your machine in a fast and safe way. •Pleaser eadtheOperationManualbefor einstallingandstartingyourmachine. •

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TABLE OF CONTENTS Changing the program after the 1 Your Washing Machine 4 program has started 19 Overview 4 Child-proof lock 20 Specifications 5 Ending the program through canceling 20 2 Warnings 6 EndofPr ogram 20 General Safety 6 First Use 6 6 Quick instructions for Intended use 6 daily use 21 Safety instructions 7 If there are children in your house... 7 7 Cleaning and care 23 3 Installation 8 Detergent drawer 23 The loading door and the drum 23 Removing packaging reinforcem

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1 Your Washing Machine Overview Figure 1 1 3 2 5 6 4 1 Top Lid 4 Height-adjustable Feet 2 5 Detergent Drawer Door 3 6 Contr olPanel Filter Cap 4 EN

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Specifications Models WM5100W WM5100S Maximumdrylaundrycapacity(kg) 5 5 Height(cm) 84 84 W idth(cm) 60 60 Depth(cm) 45 45 NetW eight(kg) 60 60 Electricity(V/Hz.) 230 V / 50hz 230 V / 50hz T otalCurr ent(A) 10 10 T otalPower(W) 2200 2200 Spinningcycle(rpmmax.) 1000 1000 Specifications of this appliance may change without notice to improve the quality of the product. Figures in this manual are schematic and may not match your product exactly. Values stated on the machine labels

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2 Warnings Pleaser eadthefollowinginformation. for 3 seconds to cancel the program Otherwise,ther emaybetheriskof set in your machine before calling personal injury or material damage. the authorized service. Mor eover ,anywarrantyandr eliability commitment will become void. First Use • T opr epar eyourmachinefor General Safety washing, carry out your first washing • Neverplaceyourmachineona process without loading your carpetcover edfloor .Otherwise, mach

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companies that produce detergents If there are children in your for your machine. house... • Electricalappliancesmaybe Safety instructions danger ousforthechildr en.Keep • Thisappliancemustbeconnected children away from the machine to an earthed outlet protected by a when it is operating. Do not let them fuse of suitable capacity. tamper with the machine. • Thesupplyanddraininghosesmust • Closethedoorwhenyouleavethe always be securely fastened and area wh

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3 Installation 3. Fitthecovers(suppliedinthebag Removing packaging withtheOperationManual)intothe reinforcement holesonther earpanel.(“P”) Tilt the machine to remove the packaging reinforcement. Remove the packaging reinforcement by pulling the ribbon. C Keepthetransportationsafety bolts in a safe place to reuse when the washing machine needs to be moved again in the future. C Never move the appliance without the transportation safety bolts properly fixed in pla

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3. Important:T ightenalllocknutsup check if there is any water leakage again. at the connection points. Turn off the tap and remove the nut in case of any leakage. Retighten the nut carefully after checking the seal. To prevent any water leakage and any other damage to be caused by it, keep the taps closed when the machine is not in use. Connecting to the water supply. Important: • Thewatersupplypr essur er equir ed to run the machine must be 1-10 bar(0,1–1,0MPa).At

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• Theendofthedrainhosecan extension hose and the drain hose be directly connected to the of the product must be fitted well wastewater drain or to the with an appropriate clamp as not to washbasin. The fitting must be come off and leak. secured in all types of connections. Y ourhousemaybefloodedifthe Electrical connection hose falls out of its housing during Connect the machine to an earthed water discharging. outlet protected by a fuse of suitable • Thehoseshouldbea

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4 Initial preparations for washing • Emptypocketsandr emoveall Sorting the laundry foreign objects such as coins, pens • Sortthelaundryaccor dingtotype and paper clips. If possible, turn of fabric, color, and degree of soiling pockets out and brush. and permissible water temperature. • Placesmallitemslikeinfants’ Always follow the advice on the socks and nylon stockings, etc. garment labels. in a laundry bag, pillow case or something similar. This will also save you

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Following weights are given as Detergent, softener and other examples. cleaning agents Add detergent and softener before Laundry type W eight(gr .) starting the washing program. Bathrobe 1200 Never open the detergent dispenser Napkin 100 drawer while the washing program is Duvet cover 700 running! Bed Sheet 500 When using a program without pre- wash, no detergent should be put Pillowcase 200 into the pre-wash compartment Tablecloth 250 (Compartmentno.I). Towel 200 A program without pre-

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for washing machines and always Detergent quantity follow the instructions on the package. for prewashing 1/2 measure for main 1 measure washing an additional with hard water 1/2 measure Softener Putthesoftenerintothesoftener compartment of the detergent dispenser. • Usethepr oportionsr ecommended on the packet. • Neverexceedthe(>max<)level marking;otherwise,thesoftenerwill be wasted without being used. • Ifthesoftenerhaslostitsfluidity , dilute dense sof

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5 Selecting a Program and Operating Your Machine Control panel Figure 2 12 14 13 7 9 7 - On/Of fButton 8 - Door Indicator * 9 - Pr ogramFollow-upIndicator 10 - SpinSpeedAdjustmentKnob* 11 - T emperatur eAdjustmentKnob* 12 - Pr ogramSelectionKnob 13 - AuxiliaryFunctionKeys 14 - Start/Pause/CancelButton * According to your machine’s model 14 EN

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choosing a program. Turning the machine on C Always select the lowest required Y oucanpr epar ethemachinefor temperature. Higher temperature program selection by pressing the means higher power consumption. the“On/Of f”button.Whenthe“On/ C For further program details, see, Of f”buttonispr essed,the“Lid”light “Pr ogramSelectionT able” illuminates indicating that the door is unlocked.Pr essthe“On/Of f”button Main programs again to shut down the machine. C Pr essin

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clothes that bear “not machine- speed selection knob, the machine will washable”labelsforwhichhandwash spin in the maximum possible rpm in the is recommended on this program. It default setting of the selected program. washes the laundry with very tender washing movements without damaging your clothes. Additional programs For special cases, there are also extra pr ogramsavailable: C Additional programs may differ according to the features of your machine. • A Class 40 This progra

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Program selection and consumption table Pr ogramme Cottons 90 5 133 45 1.65 • • • • • • Cottons 60** 5 145 49 0.95 • • • • • • Cottons 40 5 142 49 0.69 • • • • • • Super A Class 40 40 5 182 45 0.78 • • • Synthetics 60 2.5 113 52 0.92 • • • • • • Synthetics 40 2.5 104 52 0.56 • • • • • • Synthetics 30 2.5 95 52 0.30 • • • • • • Delicate 30 2 77 45 0.36 • • • • • Woollens 40 1.5 70 45 0.36 • • • • • Hand wash 30 1 45 32 0.21 • • • Mini 30 2.5 30 43 0.17 • • • •:Selectable *:Automat

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Cancel”buttonfor3sec. Auxiliary functions • In the machines equipped with spin Auxiliary function selection keys speed selection knob or button, you • Desir edauxiliaryfunctiondepending can spin by selecting the desired on the program is selected. spinspeedandpr ess“Start/Pause/ • Somecombinationscannotbe Cancel”button. selected together. • As for machines not equipped with • W ar ningsignalontheselected a spin speed selection knob, you auxiliary function will light

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The“W ash”lightonthepr ogramfollow- Selectthe“Cottons40”pr ogramby up indicator illuminates when “Start/ rotating the program knob. Pause/Cancel”buttonispr essedafter Pr ess“Start/Pause/Cancel”buttonto selecting the washing program. The start the program. “Pr ogramfinished”lampilluminates andthe“W ash”lightwillfadewhenthe C The program which is selected pr ogramcomestoanend.The“Lid” first will go on even if the program lightflashes.Meanwhile,thedoor

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level in the machine is suitable. Laundry middleofthepr ocess,“W ash” may be added or taken out by opening and“Pr ogramFinished”lightswill thedoor .Ifthe“Lid”lampdoesnot light up. The machine can drain light up continuously at the end of this all the water or can take in water time, the water level in the machine for 3 times at most to cool down is not suitable and laundry cannot be the clothes and complete draining added.Y oucanr esumethepr ogram process. bypr essin

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